Wu Shu modification for Star Wars

For simplicity Yang dice will be called Offensive dice, Yin dice will be called Defensive dice, and Chi will be called Vitality

Vitality will be represented by an object with two distinctive states used to represent the Light and Dark Sides of the Force
At the beginning of a conflict all Vitality chips are representing the character’s Side trait
Force traits

There are 4 Force traits, Control Sense and Alter may be used by Force Sensitive characters but may not be improved above 2 until the character receives training in use of the Force
Control represents the characters ability to control their own body through the force
Sense represents the ability to sense the Force in things outside the Force user’s own body
Alter represents the ability to control things outside the Force user’s own body
Light/Dark Side represents how much or little control the character has over their own emotions and actions, and how far they have fallen to the Dark side

Each character has either a Light Side trait of 3-5 or a Dark Side trait of 1-3
No character has both a Light Side and a Dark Side trait
If a Light Side trait drops below 3 it is replaced with a Dark side trait of 2
If a Dark Side trait raises above 3 it is replaced with a Light Side trait of 4
At creation a characters Light/Dark Side trait is 3
Light/Dark Side traits are not raised by allocating creation points
Light/Dark Side traits may not be changed between game sessions

5 represents a character that has mastered their emotions and seeks to aid others to do the same
Most Jedi Masters and some Knights have this rating

4 represents a character that has embraced the Light Side but is still struggling with the Dark Side’s temptations
While these characters never seek to cause pain or lead others to the Dark Side, sometimes their lack of experience or a failure of their own self control will cause them to do these things
This is well represented by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episodes 1-3, Luke Skywalker in episodes 4 & 5, and Revan while he attempted to bring the Jedi into the Mandalorian War

3 represents a character that has neither mastered nor surrendered to their emotions
These characters are typically indifferent to others being chained by their emotions but may seek to free others if they are actively trying to bring themselves closer to the Light Side
Most “grey” Jedi and Padawans have this rating

2 represents a character that is falling to the Dark Side but has not completely surrendered
These characters typically do whatever will satisfy their desires and assuage their pain
While they may not actively seek to cause pain or bring others to the Dark Side they do not care if their actions cause these things
Many of these characters think that they can “make things better” through their reliance on their emotions
This rating is best represented by Anikin Skywalker from the beginning of Attack of the Clones until he becomes Darth Vader

1 represents a character that has either completely surrendered to the Dark Side or been enslaved by the Dark Side
These characters actively seek to destroy the ability of everyone around them to resist their emotional urges
They also seek to put everyone around them in a state of emotional tension so that they are constantly being tempted by the Dark Side
Some characters still see their actions as being beneficial to others
This rating is possessed by any character that took the title of Darth, many of the rulers of Onderon, and pretty much every character that considered themselves to be a Sith

Once per conflict a character may call on the Force to aid his actions
The character gains 2 Vitality corresponding to the side of the Force they called on

A character that calls on the Dark Side immediately reduces their Side rating by 1
If this character wins the conflict the GM may modify the player’s description of the resolution to be more thematic with the Dark Side having achieved victory as well

A character that call on the Light Side initiates a conflict within himself between the Light and Dark Sides
With every roll the character compares the results to their Side rating
Each failure turns 1 Light Side Vitality to a Dark Side Vitality
If all of a character’s Vitality are Dark Side, then the Dark Side has gained control over them and their side rating is reduced by 1
Light Side Vitality is lost before Dark Side Vitality
If a character wins the conflict without any Dark Side Vitality then the character’s Side trait is raised by 1
If the player describes actions in line with the Dark Side this conflict is immediately lost and the character loses the Vitality gained by calling on the Light Side

If a player describes actions indicating that a character with a Light Side rating has given in to the Dark Side those actions may be vetoed by the table.
If vetoed for this reason the player may opt to have the character give in to the Dark Side by reducing their Side rating by 1 and still perform the actions

Wu Shu modification for Star Wars

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