This campaign takes place immediately after Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords.

Revan’s Sith Empire has collapsed, the Republic is on the verge of ruin. The Senate has commissioned Admiral Carth Onasi to hold an inquiry into the causes and effects of the recent wars. The Republic has invited many survivors, particularly those that have dealt closely with the Jedi, Sith, or any Force user, to the symposium on Dantooine. A tramp freighter by the name of the Ebon Hawk captained by Aton Rand is carrying a group of delegates to the remote system.

Wookiepedia is an excellent source of information for this campaign, although I have compiled a time-line consisting of what is common knowledge for anyone alive at the time of this game.

The first game will use Wu Shu rules with these additions, the canon material is listed here. Subsequent games will continue to use Wu Shu or the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars system with modifications.

Star Wars: Reconstructing the Republic

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