Timeline andCommon Knowledge

I realize that there is more to canonical history than is listed here. This is not intended to be a complete and accurate record. This is intended to be a history as the majority of the inhabitants of the Galactic Republic and Hutt Space at the beginning of the game understand it. I have included some points that aren’t common knowledge to help you as players understand why the Sith and Jedi Order are not currently in existence. If you feel your character would know a more accurate history than is listed here, I am willing to discuss that.

3965 BBY
Mandalorian Neo-Crusade comes into wide public awareness.

The Jedi Order refuses to do battle with the Mandalorians. This breeds some resentment towards all Jedi.

3963 BBY
The Jedi Knight Revan is grudgingly given permission from the Jedi Council to meet the Mandalorian threat.

3962 BBY
Revan joins The Battle of Duro preventing the Mandalorians from escaping with war matériel. As a result Revan is appointed Supreme Commander of the Republic Military.

3962 – 3960 BBY
The brutal tactics of Revan further erodes popular support of all Jedi.

3960 BBY
Revan ends the Mandalorian Neo-Crusade by sacrificing a large portion of the Republic’s forces and the planet of Malachor V.

3959 BBY
Revan takes the Sith title of Darth and forms his now fanatical army composed of the Jedi that followed him to war and the remnants of the Republic forces from the Battle of Malachor V into the Sith Empire. The Sith Empire invades the Republic beginning the Jedi Civil War

As few outside the Jedi Order and the Sith elite understand the philosophical difference between the two groups, both are considered Jedi and blamed for the deprivations caused by the war.

3957 – 3956 BBY
Darth Revan begins fighting for the Republic. It is still debated about whether he did this out of a true change of heart or to manipulate the Republic into helping him defeat his rival, Darth Malak.

The Sith Empire, now under the command of Darth Malak, bombards the surface of Taris eradicating all life on the planet. A large group of Tarisians are able to escape the destruction on-board orbital craft and are rescued by the Republic after several weeks in space and sent to a refugee camp on Nar Shadaa to await a more permanent resettlement.

Dantooine is attacked by the Sith resulting in the destruction of the primary Jedi Enclave off Coruscant.

The Battle of Rakata Prime ends the Jedi Civil War. Darth Malak is killed, the source of the Sith Empire’s equipment and ships is destroyed, and Darth Revan disappears. (not common knowledge) Fewer than 100 Jedi remain alive.

The Sith Civil War begins.

3955 BBY
The Sith Empire is assumed to collapse due to the Sith Civil War.

The Jedi begin disappearing from the galaxy. This becomes known as the Jedi Purge.

Several minor diplomatic conflicts erupt into war. Strained by the recent Galactic wars, the Republic is unable to bring in peacekeeping forces. Many of the victors in these regional conflicts end their involvement with the Republic.

The refugees on Nar Shadaa are forgotten by the Republic, and are forced into squalorous slums until the Hutt cartels can sell them as slave labour.

Except for a few historians and higher ranking government officials of the Republic, many believe the galaxy would be better off without the Sith Empire and Jedi Order.

Telosian Restoration Project begins as a proof of concept for restoring planets devastated by the recent wars.

3951 BBY
The last known Jedi and the largest Miraluka colony are mysteriously destroyed on Katarr.

Goto issues a bounty for a living Jedi, many bounty hunters ignore the “living” clause of the bounty and slaughter any Jedi, or suspected Jedi they find.

Peragus Mining Station is destroyed, leaving the Telos Restoration project in jeopardy due to lack of fuel.

The Battle of Nar Shada destroys Goto’s yacht and presumably Goto. This deepens the economic depression because of Goto’s involvement in almost every aspect of Galactic trade. However, it ends Goto’s blockade of fuel exports from Hutt space. Voga the Hutt begins selling his fuel stockpile to the Republic, offsetting the loss of Peragus.

The First Battle of Onderon puts the Telos Restoration Project in further jeopardy when the isolationist General Vaklu mounts a coup d’etat and stops the export of the resilient flora and fauna of Onderon.

The colonists on Dantooine fight against several mercenary companies for control of the area surrounding the Jedi ruins.

The Second Battle of Onderon returns the planet of Onderon to the control of the Republic friendly Queen Talia and removes the Sith stronghold on Dxun. During this battle the Jedi Order reveals its continued existence to the Republic.

Rumors begin circulating that the Jedi Order is re-establishing itself on Dantooine. (not common knowledge) Three of the four remaining Jedi Masters are killed by Darth Treya.

The Battle of Telos begins without the promised return of the Jedi Order. The only Jedi to join combat was the exile, Meetra Surik. She is able to destroy the Sith flagship, The Ravager, with the help of several Mandalorian clans under the command of Mandalore the Preserver. (not common knowledge) Master Atris, the last surviving member of the Jedi Council, is defeated by Meetra Surik.

(not common knowledge) Meetra Surik returns to Malachor V discovering a Sith academy. She destroys all Sith found there including Darth Treya, the last of the Sith Lords.

Timeline andCommon Knowledge

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